WOW! Watch This 118 MPH Golf Cart Setting a New World Record and DRAG RACING a MUSTANG GT 5.0!

It is only a human nature to try and make almost anything that rolls to be as fast as possible (just think about the racing lawnmowers), so sometimes is a little bit funny and bizarre to see a vehicle that should not be on a high level of performance, flashing down the street like a supercar. One of those things is this speedy golf cart that we are going to present to you today.

There is a business named Plum Quick Motors, whose main objective is to get the maximum speed from little buggies. These guys are offering electric engines with high performance for golf carts, and in order to prove just how fast they can become, Plum Quick is racing them on a strip. And it would be safe to say that business is going pretty well.

Thus, we are going to show you a video with a demonstration on just how fast these little carts can be, as we are going to watch one of their vehicles setting a new World Record at Darlington Dragway, in Carolina, for the quickest golf cart, achieving an incredible speed of 103.65 mph. But it seemed that this was not enough, so the guys returned to Darlington and blew away their old record, hitting 118 mph.

So check out the first video and see how this insanely fast golf cart looks like in action, and the second one is a bonus, in which you will see one of Plum Quick’s vehicles racing a 5.0 Mustang.