Wicked Vega All 4 Tyres Off The Ground!

Sometimes when you have the magic amount of grip and torque, a beautiful thing occurs at the drag race, the rear end of the car wants to get to the finish line so fast, that it is catching up with the front one, and it points it towards the sky defying gravity while looking spectacular.
To counter this, as you know the more powerful dragsters have to be equipped with the device called wheelie bar, but in certain cases, like the one in the video, the wheelie bar does not live up to the task of keeping the front tires on the ground because of the forces provided.
While it gets simply overwhelmed, the result is a spectacular wheelie which gets all four wheels off the ground during which the driver now becomes a passenger.

Check out this amazing action in the video below, and tell us, how cool would the video be if he managed to win even after that amazing flight.