Now that Gymkhana Seven is out, it’s time for the parodies to hit the world wide web. We’ve seen stunts aimed at Gymkhana before, but this is the first one that targets the seventh installment of the franchise, which we showed you yesterday. Instead of the 1965 Mustang-bodied contraption Ken Block used for his Los Angeles stint, the parody brings an S197 ‘Stang – it looks like we are dealing with a customized Shelby from the first years of the new-age Mustang. While we only found the clip mildly amusing, nobody actually needs an excuse for shredding tires in a Shelby Mustang, so we salute the crew’s play just like they “salute Mr Ken Block and his Gymkhana Seven production team.”  Still, we would’ve expected a juicier plot for this one, something more than just burning rubber. As for the end result of all the tire smoking, this has CGI spelled all over it.

I somehow missed the Gymkhana Seven stuff, what’s the story?
As spectacular as the sideways stuff is, pieces like Gymkhana always risk to be crushed under their own weight. Nevertheless, Ken Block has always made sure such a thing wouldn’t happen to his hooning series and No. Seven is one of the best example of this.

Block takes on Los Angeles, with the LAPD not only closing a long list of roads for him to drift, but also offering their cars as decour. From downtown to the parking lot next to the Hollywood sign, Block does them all.

As for the machine selected for the tire-burning ordead, we are talking about a ‘Stang that delivers 845 ponies. More importantly, this is an all-wheel drive machine, something the breed hasn’t seen since the 1960, when a few Mustang AWD prototypes were built by British tractor maker Fergurson.