Meet the Copper Caddy, Kindig-it Design Smokin’ Hot 1960 Cadillac De Ville Riddled With Copper Bullets

Dave Kindig and his crew with Kevin Shiele at Kindig-it Design built a spectacular 1960 custom Cadillac called the Copper Caddy. Like a new penny, front to back, this Caddy was doused in copper. The owner, Jerry Logan, has a long history of assembling top notch show cars and this is another great car that he has added to his list of 60+ show cars. This was one of the top cars in what has repeatedly been said to be the best Portland Roadster Show ever, and some have said the best quality of cars they have ever seen at one show. Tremendous body work, killer paint job, custom glass, one off wheels, gorgeous interior and insanely detailed engine compartment.

 “We did a custom mix with PPG paint to get the effect of a candy paintjob but without the hassle of having to match the paint. We did that because this car is a driver and will take a lot of wear and tear,” Kevin Schiele, the car’s builder, says.

Set atop an Art Morrison frame, the “Copper Caddy” features a custom independent front suspension and a 4-link rear with Strange Engineering components and 9-inch rearend. Tucked up under the car are one-off EVOD Copper Caddy wheels wrapped in Michilin Pilot Sports, which expertly conceal the massive 14.25-inch 6-piston Wilwood brakes.

While the rest of the industry is slowly ditching chrome in favor of mono-chromatic themes, full wraps and brushed-finish trim, Dave Kindig the innovator has taken three big steps past that. Copper and chrome not only sound cool together, they look downright bitchin’ too.

This bad to the Bone Copper Caddy is a true work of art!