Hellcat takes on Turbo Honda on 38psi!

Midwest Street Drags recently caught up with this grudge race between a bolt-on Hellcat and a nasty boosted Honda, and we have the starting line and on-car
footage here to share!
These cars are surprisingly evenly matched despite the difference in their appearance, leading to a pretty good race, before the Honda has to lift due to traction issues. The Challenger Hellcat, mostly stock with some minor upgrades and slicks, looks for the most part like every other Challenger on the road. The Honda, facing a huge displacement disadvantage, is sporting a pretty big turbocharger and a ton of weight reduction modifications to extract as much performance from the car as possible. Despite those differences though, it looks like the pair are on a pretty good run, but moisture on the track forced the Honda to abort around halftrack, handing the Hellcat the win.
These two certainly will line up again to try to get both cars to the finish line under power, since the Honda did appear to be pulling ahead before having to lift. Maybe the Hellcat can find some more power before the rematch, or he just might be starting at Civic taillights if they both run through the full quarter.