EcoBoost V6 Mustang? F150 Donor Car!

V6 mustang with an OEM Ford twin turbo kit…. It Is a Fold built setup but it’s from the most unlikely place. The twins this car are straight off an F150 Ecoboost. This was almost the fate of the V6, but for didn’t want to leave the customer wonder what to get because it has as much power as a v8 with less nose weight. So ford didn’t want to build it. This looks like the kind of thing that would and should catch on. The only major issue is the V6 does not come with any type of sports trim option, base model only. So we might see a bunch of fast base model mustangs running out with F150 tubes….

We all know David is a huge mustang guy so click the video and hear what he has to say after giving it a drive and doing some pulls!