Dodge Charger Hellcat Owner Installs Police-Grade Bull Bar, Goes Drag Racing

Very few Dodge Charger Hellcat owners take the “boat” jokes that inevitably get thrown at them seriously. After all, when you buy a sedan that tips the scales at 4,590 lbs (make that 2,082 kg ), it’s pretty difficult to have your feelings hurt by such remarks.

In fact, certain factory-blown Charger drivers even go with the scale-unfriendly flow and we’re here to show you a striking example of this. We’re referring to the Hellcat showcased in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, which might take certain enthusiasts by surprise. As you’ll be able to notice in the clip, the Mopar machine has been gifted with one hell (no pun intended) of a bull bar. And if we factor in the LED lights attached to this, we could easily imagine the driver seeing his machine as the Hellcat-animated Durango we never received. Or maybe the man wanted to feel like a police officer when inside his Hellcat – regardless, the muscle car’s intimidation factor has been seriously boosted with the help of a simple job, albeit one that ignores the weight and drag issues associated with such an element. One might argue that such penalties aren’t all that relevant out on the street, but this SRT beast takes its muscle role seriously, spending time at the drag strip – the video shows the Hellcat playing the quarter-mile game and even going for drag radials to achieve optimal performance. Don’t take the competition between the Hellcat and the Hyundai Genesis Coupe too seriously, though. Even in its most potent incarnation, a Genesis Coupe has half the horsepower of a Hellcat.

Oh, and let’s not forget the human factor. The driver of the Hyundai delivers the kind of reaction time that can easily have one believe this was among the man’s first drag strip experiences.