Dads Blinker Fluid Prank On Daughters Has The Internet Blowing Up!

Dads have been known to play pranks on their daughters, mess with them and prepare them for the cruelty guys will put them through throughout their life. This recent prank has the internet blowing up after a dad plays a classic prank on his daughters by having them go into an auto parts store and having them ask for blinker fluid and bucket of steam!!! This had us rolling! We wish there was a camera in there to see the reaction of the store workers.

The funniest part was how embarrassed the two girls were when they got back in the car. WIth a reaction like that the workers in the auto parts store had to have said some funny stuff and made the girls turn bright red after they realized what they asked for don’t even exist. The video has gone viral with over 40 million views. We know the girls were not expecting to go this viral and being made fun of by their dad was enough.

They took it like champs though and did not seem to be very angry about it just laughing it off and giving dad credit for the great prank he just pulled. Now we are going to have a slew of dads doing this to their daughters who haven’t seen this video on Facebook or YouTube. Enjoy the video and we hope you get a good laugh out of it.