This 800 HP Blown Hulk Camino Rat Rod Will Blow Your Mind

Sure, there are lots of cars running around the streets that you will color you impressed but very rarely is there a car that makes you drop your jaw and stare for just a couple of minutes before being able to even comprehend what’s happening in front of your eyes and why it looks like nothing else that you’ve ever seen before

It appears as if this car started off as a Chevrolet El Camino but just about everything on the car has been changed from top to bottom, making it one of their wildest street rods that we have ever seen. This thing looks like it came straight out of a Hot Wheels carton.

From the giant blower sticking out of the hood to the way that you need to open the gullwing style half doors to get in from the top, there are lots of thoughts put into action on this car that make it a work of art. The builders that go by the name of “In the Weeds Hot Rods” really did a good job on making something come together so well and also be so unique with original thoughts that come to life.

Check out some of the clips down below to check out the car in its entirety along with watching the El Camino do a quick little burnout that changes those tires to smoke faster than you can snap your fingers. It looks like this 800 hp monster also has the guts to back up the crazy looks and we’re loving every second of it!