’64 GMC Truck Has A Wild Engine Setup You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

’64 GMC Truck

What happens when 8 cylinders sounded like a number too low to be cool? Well, you get this crazy truck build that surely defines custom at a whole new level. It’s a 1964 GMC pickup truck with a wicked engine setup you probably haven’t seen or heard of.

This truck has a limited production V-12 motor under the hood and it looks way cool and badass. It’s a proprietary design by GMC with 702 cubic inch capacity. It’s called the 702 Twin 6 but never be fooled by its name as it’s not two 6-cylinder blocks merged as one. It’s a single massive casting – one block, one crank, one camshaft and one distributor. Definitely a boatload of torque! Well, if that doesn’t sound crazy to you, then I don’t know what would.

The engine setup is revealed by the tilting front end. It’s a full custom build from bumper to bumper and that includes the paint in green and gray. The inside is a beauty too having both the classic and elegant feel.

If you’re into anything crazy and custom, then this build is perfect for you. Check it out!