1971 Plymouth Barracuda Pulls Burnouts for Raggare Audience in Sweden

As we’ve shown you in the past, American culture has been well integrated into the Swedish society, with Northern fans of retro US metal from the 50s and 60s forming what is known as the Raggare phenomenon.
These people organize meets, tune, drive and hoon their old US cars together. Predictably, the phenomenon has spread and also includes slabs of American from different eras.
The latest example of this kind comes from the video below, which takes us to a Swedish event that took place last year. Dubbed Loviisa Burnout, the venue is pretty much self-explanatory.
We want to bring you a sample of that kind of action, one that has to do with the regretted Plymouth badge (which is rumored to return soon).
To be more precise, we’re dealing with a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, a unit that roasts its rear tires for the pleasure of the audience.
Motivation comes from a 383 ci V8, but this isn’t the kind or restomod ride that can put modern cars to shame. Instead, we’re dealing with something that’s more like a decent-condition Barracuda, muscle charms can still be enjoyed.
As a result, you shouldn’t expect the kind of tire-melting action that covers up the entire area, spectator zone included, in smoke.
Even so, the Barracuda manages to put on a respectable show, with the driver obviously enjoying himself behind the wheel. We’re just curious about the legitimacy of the “sale” ad on the car, since this is not exactly the best way to advertise your horse.
We have to understand the Raggare community has limited resources. It’s not like they can drive to their local junkyard and surf through thousand of resting machines to grab some parts when these are needed. Or turn to the dozens of shops nearby when willing to invest into a restomod project.